Skill vs Character - Which Pays More?

#976: I asked our audience this question, “If you're having surgery, do you want the absolute best surgeon working on you, or the one with the best moral character? How about an accountant? Car mechanic? Professor?” The responses added up to saying, it depends. Of course everyone would like both, but we have an older culture who generally says character and a younger generation who wants to be given credit for skill alone and I wanted to flesh out where we really put our personal values when it comes down to what we pay for, and what our customers will pay for. The issue was acute when I posed it, as I had a son going into a serious surgery. Do I want the nice doc to work on him, or the absolute best regardless? What it comes down to is not deciding which we’ll choose to lead with in our business and life, character or skill, but how we position ourselves in the public eye. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

by Self-Help(ful)