Seth Godin | Measure Yourself By What You Teach Others

#921: “I would like to be measured by what the people who learned from me taught other people.” Seth Godin is one of the premier voices of business in our generation. He’s known for his innovative thinking and insight into what I’d cite as business and vocational reform. He’s a true leader in that he’s attracted a massive following of the business world who look to him daily for commentary on what’s most relevant for successful business practices and ethics we can all benefit most from. He was one of the first people Tom Ziglar and I tapped to join us on the Ziglar Show after I became host and revived the show, because he’s one of Zig Ziglar’s greatest fans. The point is not to glorify Zig, but to hear Seth talk about why the core tenants of morals, values and personal relationships that Zig upheld are still what is most important for our success in today’s marketplace. A marketplace that changes daily, but principles that do not. So coming up is Seth Godin and why he sees his legacy  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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