Sell Yourself To Me

#914: I want to buy you. Or I don’t. And the product or service you are selling hangs in the balance. Actually, anything you want to offer me is in the balance. Your idea, your message, your influence and taking any of my time. I could be your prospect, coworker, employer or employee, spouse or kid. This is the point. We always think we are offering a thing and we habitually miss the reality we are first and foremost selling ourselves. In this episode I polled our audience, asking, “In your job or business, how much do you feel you are selling your product or service, vs how much you are simply selling yourself?” Tom Ziglar and I talked through a number of comments to give us all a big reminder of how much of our efforts are made or broken by our ability to sell ourselves. Unless you are selling a commodity product in volume and merely competing for price, such as on Amazon, then you are selling a premium product or service. You simply can’t claim you have the best, as nobody believes it. And to a great degree you can’t claim the most unique or exclusive or nearly anything. What you can and must do is attract your prospect to you personally. This is our show. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

by Self-Help(ful)