Rehearse Your Day Like A Pro

#984: Before I started recording this episode with my buddy Tom Ziglar he starts telling me about his weekend speaking alongside a Navy Seal and I stopped him and said…”Wait, this is good, let’s just record it.” He ultimately got into the preparations of Navy Seals and the power of mental models and rehearsing our performance and I wanted to stick with it and abandoned my intended talk on the power of kindness. Maybe we’ll do that in the next episode. What you’re about to hear is a candid talk through our opportunity to discern what we want out of our days and plan for it. Rehearse even. It sounds basic but as you’ll hear it’s not, and we are missing out on our top performance as a result. The top performance we expect from our military, especially special forces. The top performance we expect from the athletes in our favorite sports. The top performance we expect in our entertainment. They all have a desired outcome, and they plan and rehearse it. Why aren’t we? Listen in. Connect with Tom Ziglar at, or email him directly at For me, find me at Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

by Self-Help(ful)