My Purpose Is Easy When I Understand It & Hard When I Don’t | Kindra Hall Part 2

I’m back with best-selling author and the former Chief Storytelling Officer of SUCCESS Magazine, Kindra Hall, to walk through her personal values, motives, and habits in the key areas of life fulfillment so we can hear what has driven and does drive her to lead us in the stories we write about our lives, and design a life that fulfills her. In episode 1042, the longest show I’ve ever published, Kindra and I talked about…story. Specifically the message in her new book, Choose Your Story, Change Your Life. Here we go behind the scenes into the ever evolving story she is writing in her current life. The Cliff Notes I think you’ll want to hear more about, regarding her spirituality she pondered that her purpose is easy when she understands it, but hard when she doesn’t. A key for her health and wellness is to consider the most essential uses of her time. On mental health, Kindra said she is consistently paying attention to what is working, and what isn’t. And being aware that what did work might not anymore. In work and career we got to talking about our propensity to feel we need to put in a solid week, 40 hours or whatever, when so often, as she said, "I can create magic in only 10." We ended on achievements and I think you'll be curious to hear how Kindra views her own story regarding what she wants to achieve, as she admits that she's currently aware the big achievements so often did not provide as much fulfillment as the achievements she wasn't even looking for, like yesterday's testimonial from a teacher about her child's character. Kindra is the 191st guest I’ve had on my show and is one of the most thoughtful and interesting conversationalist I’ve experienced. Find her book anywhere and connect with Kindra at Self-Help(ful) is presented by Ziglar, the most trusted brand in personal and business development impacting over 250 million people worldwide. Visit to see how they can inspire your true performance.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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