Living An Interested Life Instead Of An Entertained Life | Melodie Beattie Part 2

If you could choose right now what tomorrow would look like, if you had complete freedom, would you rather be consumed with something you are interested in, or be entertained? Really think about it. And you can take it further if you feel exhausted and would just love a day of entertainment. For how long? Two days? A week? A month? I ask because I’m back for part 2 with Melodie Beattie, legendary self-help pioneer and famed author of Codependent No More and we’re talking through her personal Values, Motives & Habits. In regards to spirituality and her overall ethos and purpose of life she said, “My job is to make life interesting, not have life entertained.” Now, I like some good entertainment as much as anyone. I love getting into a great story in a fiction book or movie. Yet I’m aware that when I’m highly interested in something I have little time for entertainment, and when I do read or watch something entertaining, it’s generally about people who are completely interested in something…a cause or mission or purpose. So would you rather voyeuristically watch people interested in something, or be the person interested in something? On a similar note, Melody shared how she keeps a barometer on herself regarding service to others and said, “If I get too selfish my life stops working well” and it showcases her primary interest in…people. I also appreciated her quip to me, saying, “You want the truth or want me to make something up?” She’s as real as they come. Which is why at age 74 one of her personal joys is listening to the Rolling Stones. You can get her newly revised and updated Codependent No More book…anywhere, as it’s currently at the top of the bestseller charts. The Self-Help(ful) podcast is brought to you by Ziglar, your premier source for equipping coaches to help leaders and top performers excel professionally and personally. Visit and let them inspire your true coaching performance. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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