Live A Bigger Life Because Of Your Trauma | Niyc Pidgeon

#959: In this episode, where therapy gives much focus to our past, modern day success coaching is focused primarily just on the future. A great fusion I found is what’s termed as “positive psychology.” As my guest, Niyc Pidgeon says, positive psychology looks at what is going right in our world, instead of what’s going wrong, but it also gives great gravity to our emotions and past traumas. The key however is harnessing it for our benefit instead of allowing it to diminish us. Niyc Pidgeon is an author, award winning positive psychologist, high performance coach, and investor and as you’ll experience in our following conversation, she’s an insightful and vivacious thought-leader who has had a profound impact on some big influencers, including Elon Musk. Niyc’s muse and the focus of her new book, Now Is Your Chance, is what perspectives will enable us to continue instead of quit? How will we better respond if we consider our commitments in regards to what will happen if we don’t do them versus if we do? Her perspective flies in the face of today’s negative media influences that are dragging much of the culture down and she gives us a breath of fresh air regarding how to turn our challenges into opportunities. You can connect with Niyc and get her book for free, at Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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