Jeff Brown’s Habits | Crediting Mastermind Groups For His Success

#929: I’m back with Jeff Brown who was with me in episode 927 to talk about the message of his podcast and book, both titled, “Read To Lead”, where our focus was the power of reading and specifically reading to learn, for our daily opportunity to learn and grow and increase our ability and opportunity. This is my habits episode and we talk and walk through Jeff’s daily habits for success. As you heard in the intro clip I lead the show off with, Jeff gave a big testimony to the power of mastermind groups in his life. Which is interesting timing. If you’ll venture to my newly revised website at you’ll see some new options to engage, one of which is, the Driven Counsel. A select, small group of people to achieve just what Jeff testified to. Encouragement, shared wisdom, accountability, and more. OK, next I give you Jeff Brown and his successful habits for life and work. Connect with Jeff at and get the first chapter of the book for free. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

by Self-Help(ful)