Increase Your Odds For Success By Not Seeking The Spotlight | Part 1: Tim Schurrer

#1008: Everyone is chasing the spotlight. Everyone wants to be, or feels they need to be, the superstar, in order to succeed. To have a platform and followers and an audience. Write a book, star in social media, start a podcast, and get enough attention to pay your bills and pad your ego. But one, not everyone can be in the spotlight, and two, does being on stage really give you the best odds for success and fulfillment? With me today is Tim Schurrer who recently authored the book, The Secret Society of Success: Stop Chasing The Spotlight And Learn To Enjoy Your Work [And Life] Again. He spent a decade working as COO with Donald Miller and launching Storybrand and then Business Made Simple, and while Don had the spotlight, Tim ran the business and built and led the team that made it all possible. Before that Tim worked at TOMS as well as Apple Inc. He is the host of the Build a Winning Team podcast, where he offers listeners actionable advice as he interviews some of the top leaders in business. We talk about the far greater opportunity for success and fulfillment, outside the spotlight and off the stage. Find Tim at and get first two chapters of his book free. Self-Help(ful) is presented by Ziglar, the most trusted brand in personal and business development impacting over 250 million people worldwide. Visit to see how they can inspire your true performance.Advertising Inquiries: & Opt-Out:

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