How To Manufacture Joy In Your Life | Shaunti Feldhahn

Joy. You can truly, literally, manufacture joy. If you want big biceps, you work them out consistently. Simple math. So is creating joy. Happiness is momentary and based on circumstances. Joy is enduring and provides peace and calm regardless of the environmental pressures. I fear most of the culture has given up on joy and has acquiesced to merely seeking momentary pleasures and happiness like the next social media scroll, netflix show, and food or drink. But you are here because you want more. I bring you an expert. Shaunti Feldhahn. She’s a best selling author and social researcher. Keyword there, researcher. She is my guru on kindness who I refer to constantly. I had her on the show four years ago to talk about the research she did for her book, The Kindness Challenge. There are few people I refer to on shows as much as Shaunti. She has now turned her focus She wrote a daily devotional called, Finding Joy. But in just a moment you are about to hear us set aside my intended discussion as Shaunti wanted to share her very latest research, since the book came out, on what she and her research team discovered is the number one destroyer...of joy. I mean, you really, really want to hear it. Because what you’ll find is, you are doing it. You are actively engaging, every day, with the number one inhibitor of joy. And it’s something you can take action on, immediately. Connect more at Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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