How To Get Your Beliefs Working For You And Not Against You

#938: Tom Ziglar recently quipped during a recording, “Do my core beliefs limit or unleash my potential?” It stopped me, as the question itself flips our paradigm. We inherently think our beliefs are simply based on facts. That’s what a belief is, right? And yet what we find in the following conversation is our beliefs can be held in a way that as Tom said, limits us, or unleashes our potential. And it’s not mere semantics, if you are willing to consider our beliefs are not based on proven fact, but on decided choice. That does not negate an absolute truth like gravity, and for those of you who are thinking spiritually, this is why it’s called having a faith, not having a proof. This show has the potential to jack up your doctrine, but elevate your capability. If this episode sparks questions you want to dig in further on and take the topic from hearing to truly learning and applying, come join my new community at Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

by Self-Help(ful)