How To Find What People Really Need

#960 This is a sales class, pure and simple. And if you know Zig Ziglar at all you know his claim was we are all in sales. True sales is figuring out what people really need and helping them get it. This was prompted by Ziglar Show podcast listener Adam Reid who sent this in, “I am a sales rep for DHL Express Canada and I help businesses in the Saskatchewan market set up accounts to help send and receive their products all around the world. It is a great job to have and the Ziglar show has really helped me develop my skills and experience in selling. As a listener to your show and a professional working in sales, one thing that I think would be helpful to listeners like me is to create an episode with Tom Ziglar about uncovering needs. As a sales professional in my industry this is a big part of building trust and helping developing a relationship with customers in my territory. As a frequent listener to your show there is a theme that is often discussed about solving the customer’s problems, yet I haven’t been able to hear your take on it. I think if you were able to do a deeper take on solving the customer’s problems this would be very beneficial to the audience.” So, in this episode, that’s just what we did. We gave our take on it, led by master sales trainer, Tom Ziglar himself. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

by Self-Help(ful)