How Good Can I Feel And How Easy Can It Be | Niyc Pidgeon’s Habits

#961: I’m back with Niyc Pidgeon, positive psychologist and renowned success coach who I had on the show previously in episode 959. This is my habits show and we walk through her personal habits. Niyc has 30 employees and 5,000 clients and you could readily expect to find her as the hard charging woman on top of success as the result of working 18 hour days who will sleep when she dies. As you heard in the intro clip, I asked her where she saw herself in this perspective and you heard her reply, which is in essence to see how successful can she be, but how easy can she make it. She’s a great example of someone who invests a lot in her self care in order to fuel her capacity for her own high performance and inspiring the high performance of everyone she works with. You’ll be inspired and equipped by this conversation. You can connect with Niyc Pidgeon and get her book, Now Is Your Chance, for free, at If you want to go beyond merely listening and join our community of people devoted to making positive change in their life and work, come over to and join my Driven To Live Community. Go from listening to this podcast episode about Niyc Pidgeon’s habits for success to discussing how you might want to bolster your own habits. And recently I had some testimonies from listeners who really like to watch the episodes, who feel they get more by seeing my guests talk. You can do this at Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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