High Performance Aging | Part 3: (Becca Levy) with Randy James

#1006: We continue the discussion on aging from my conversation with Becca Levy, author of Breaking The Age Code who I featured in episodes 1003 and 1005, but here I bring on my favorite medical doctor and dear friend Randy James to discuss positive and high performing aging through a Functional Medicine lens and just real world walking out this concept of not accepting the demise we currently do in our culture, where you hit your mid 20s and 30s and start saying, “Well, I just can’t do what I used to do,” and meanwhile this March, 2022, Kenichi Horie at age 83 set a world record sailing solo across the Pacific without stopping, the same thing he did at age 23. That’s 60 years later. He says he hopes to continue such voyages till he’s 100. We quickly just write him off as an anomaly. But is he? Or is he simply living out what could be attainable for us all if we didn’t expect and accept an earlier and earlier demise. Join Randy and me as we talk about our personal views and expectations on aging, how Randy approaches it with patients, and how you might change the trajectory of your own aging to something with more capacity. Self-Help(ful) is presented by Ziglar, the most trusted brand in personal and business development impacting over 250 million people worldwide. Visit Ziglar.com to see how they can inspire your true performance. Advertising Inquiries: https://redcircle.com/brandsPrivacy & Opt-Out: https://redcircle.com/privacy

by Self-Help(ful)