Evolve Above Right & Wrong To Hold The Wisdom of Both/And | Wendy Smith Part 1

We can better solve tough problems and make decisions we feel confident about, by not taking an either-or, black and white, or right and wrong approach to them. We are in a culture and media that is radically doing just that. And yet most truths and daily decisions we must make are not a result of right or wrong issues that we will live or die from, but rather, choices we make where one may prove more beneficial than another. When we hold things as right/wrong, good/bad, and either or we cause ourselves undo anxiety. And further, we are pressured to make one sided decisions without the wisdom we’d benefit from if we didn’t view different perspectives as opposing forces. This show is meant to equip you to make smarter decisions, and with less anxiety and more confidence. With me is Wendy K. Smith, a Harvard educated, award-winning academic and the Dana J. Johnson Professor of Management and faculty director of the Women’s Leadership Initiative at University of Delaware. She is an expert on organizational paradoxes, exploring how leaders and individuals effectively respond to contradictory, yet interdependent demands. She spends her time continually working to better manage the paradoxes of life that we all face. Wendy’s research focuses on strategic paradoxes – how leaders and senior teams effectively respond to contradictory agendas. Not with us, but a co-author of their new book,"Both/And Thinking: Embracing Creative Tensions to Solve Your Toughest Problems" is Marianne W. Lewis who is dean and professor of management at the Lindner College of Business, University of Cincinnati. Marianne too is  thought leader in organizational paradoxes exploring tensions and competing demands surrounding leadership and innovation. Again, the book containing the message in the following discussion is Both/And Thinking: Embracing Creative Tensions to Solve Your Toughest Problems which you can find at Amazon or anywhere. Self-Help(ful) is presented by Ziglar, the most trusted brand in personal and business development impacting over 250 million people worldwide. Visit Ziglar.com to see how they can inspire your true performance.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

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