Does Power Produce Success

#978: How you perceive people and institutions of power and their so called success influences you to the core. So this episode is not a mere discussion on world views and power and morals, but an audit of your own perspective and how it’s influencing you specifically, for better or worse. I was given a VIP ticket to see Jordan B Peterson and as he’s a significant person of influence as an author, speaker, podcaster, and youtuber, I went, out of interest from a few angles. His talk was based on his premise of, “Do not carelessly denigrate social institutions.” He discussed studies on power and bullying from rats to humans and cited the enforcement of absolute power seldom if ever creates success. In fact it generally results in being ostracized, and he did a deft job of turning our paradigms around. The discussion brings into acute question how we define success, and the influential spirit we carry forth regarding those we view in power. And our spirit is my focal point in this episode. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

by Self-Help(ful)