Connect Your Company Mission To Your Employee’s Personal Mission | Monty Moran

#931: In this episode I’m joined by Monty Moran, former Co-CEO of Chipotle. He joined them when they had 8 stores and left after there were over 2,500 and their valuation grew from a few million to $23 billion over his decade with the company. What is interesting is what he cites as the key to the success, and it came from one-on-one conversations with employees, and connecting the company mission, to theirs. He did this 20,000 times. It sounds altruistic, but look at Chipotle’s ridiculous success. In our businesses we are told to have a mission. A “why” as Simon Sinek teaches. Then communicate it to the employees. But do they really care? They care about their personal mission, and that is what Monty connected to. And this is what we discuss in this episode. It’s the crux of his book, with one of my favorite titles ever, “Love Is Free, Guac Is Extra,” which, this is cool, go to and buy the book and he’ll write whatever you want in it and send it to you. Monty lives up in Boulder Colorado and a few weeks ago while I was in Leadville on a getaway, he flew over and we had a 3.5 hour breakfast talking about ideas to change the world. He’s just a quality, enthusiastic, insightful guy and I’m so glad to bring his message to you right now.Advertising Inquiries: & Opt-Out:

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