Claiming Control Of Your Mental Health | Part 3: (Sarah Fay) with Dr Randy James

#996: I’m with co host Dr. Randy James to further discuss my previous conversations with Sarah Fay on mental pathologies. We are all on the spectrum of mental health or un health, but when does one dip over into a real disorder, and in either case, what can you do about it? In our growing mental health crisis how much is a result of clinically broken minds and how much is caused by lifestyle? Medical doctors like Randy are the front lines of most mental health issues, so how do they and the system generally diagnose and treat? How much control and responsibility do you have in your mental health. Don’t expect any easy answers as we strive to balance compassion and control. But the point is helping equip you to be more informed about the options and opportunities for yourself and those you love in regards to mental health.Advertising Inquiries: & Opt-Out:

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