Be Known For Something

#932: Look at all the people you follow and let influence you. They are known for something specific, but so often in our business and personal pursuits, we miss this point. It doesn’t mean that thing is all you can offer, but it gives people a needed reference point if you’re to stand out from the crowd at all. Examples from guests on my podcasts: - Dave Ramsey is known for guidance to financial peace and health - James Clear for developing good Habits - Dan Miller, for finding work you love - Pete Vargas, for mastering and leveraging the stage - John O’Leary, for overcoming adversity I asked the Ziglar audience, “Vocationally, what area(s) of expertise would you like to be known for?” It is a powerful exercise and Tom Ziglar and I read through comments and discussed this important topic. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

by Self-Help(ful)