Artists Can Be More Powerful Than Politicians | Brianna Brown Keen

Power and influence is an interesting thing to ponder. Today, who has more power? Politicians or people in the media? Former actor and now literally top podcaster, Joe Rogan, may have more individual influence on the planet than anyone. At least more reach. However, this isn’t an episode about power as much as it is about using your platform, whatever it is, to benefit people. Brianna Brown Keen is an accomplished actress, appearing in more than 20 feature films and 30 television shows. She defines her acting role as being “paid to pretend” and cites being in the business of rejection. But we talk about everyone having the opportunity to have art in what they do, and to express themselves. In doing so, you put yourself out there. At risk. But our most fulfilling success is from just that, self expression. Along with being a present day, working actress, Brianna has produced an initiative and book called Manifesting Your Mission where she guides entrepreneurs in doing just that, making true progress toward your goals. And she brings her unique perspective from Hollywood where self-expression, rejection, and acclaim are in a very heightened and exaggerated form. But it’s a relevant depiction of the real lives we all lead. Connect with Brianna at Dig in more with each episode at And if you are a coach or want to become one, let the Ziglar family empower you at Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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