Admit To What You Are Good At And Still Be Humble

#936: I asked the Ziglar audience this question, “If I asked you to tell me the positive attributes of someone in your life whom you like and respect, you'd easily do it. However, if I asked you to rattle off the positive attributes of yourself, how does it initially feel? Can you readily conceive of it or does it set you back a bit?” The responses were compelling. Almost everyone said it caused them to pause. Tom Ziglar and I talked through the comments and I feel the episode turns things upside down with how we view humility and egotism. Following the recording of this show we talked about this issue of why we struggle to speak to our own attributes in my Driven To Live community, which you haven’t heard about yet because I haven’t publicly launched it… But what occurred to me is we spend our lives being quote, humble, so as to not seem egotistical. We generally go further and make a habit of minimizing ourselves and we can’t even take a compliment. But when it’s time to get a job or start a business and appeal to a bank or investor, or try to sell ourselves as a coach, we are flush with long lists of our accomplishments and attributes. But aside from that, we diminish and deny what we know we are good at. Why? I’m going to que up a :50 second clip from Zig Ziglar on the issue, then Tom Ziglar and I will walk you through the convicting comments. We’d love your comments as well, just find me on Facebook at agentkmiller. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

by Self-Help(ful)