891: Proof You Really Can Change | Tommy Breedlove

How about your ability to change? Not just a little, but a lot. We all desire to grow as individuals. To increase our capacity and ability, our resilience and wisdom, our character and peace. To be people who deal expertly with the waves of the world and have plenty of depth to draw on for the service of other people. But as you’ll hear in this show, I’ve often looked at incremental changes and sometimes question just how much someone can truly change. So I bring you the incredible story of Tommy Breedlove who joins me in this episode. Tommy is a high end executive life coach who has influenced the lives of many of the leaders I’ve had on my podcasts. His story is one of an abused kid in poverty who was mercilessly bullied, and grew up to be a bully. At 18 he beat someone up so badly he was charged with felony accounts and imprisoned. Later he put his anger toward business and made a lot of money until he came to his end. Ultimately his story is someone who went from a heart of darkness, to a heart so many now turn to for light. It’s a dramatic shift and we discuss it in depth in this episode. If you want more of the story, get his book on Amazon, “Legendary: A simple playbook for building and living a legendary life, and being remembered as a legend,” and visit his website at https://tommybreedlove.com/ Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

by Self-Help(ful)