873: Gaining Trust Takes More Than Good Character | David Horsager

Trust. In today’s culture more than ever trust is the number one asset of success. But listen closely, we are all doing it wrong, to some degree. We inherently think of trust as something you have and are, or don’t have an are not. Most everyone hearing this will believe themselves to be trustworthy because they are honest, moral people who live with integrity. But you are about to hear eight aspects of trust you must intentionally and proactively engage in if you want to really be viewed as trustworthy and benefit from it in your life and business. To create loyal clients. To get their referrals. It takes more than you just having good character and being honest. David Horsager is with me and this is his devotion and area of mastery. He’s CEO of Trust Edge Leadership Institute, national bestselling author of The Trust Edge, which interestingly was one of the last books Zig Ziglar endorsed. David has a new book out right now and he’s offered us an assessment to see how we stack up in exuding trust, go to trustedleaderbook.com/ziglar Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

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