851: Personal Strategy Trumps Business Strategy | Habits with Matthew Pollard

At the end of this episode, Matthew thanked me as many of my guests do, for giving focus to this incredibly important, foundational aspect of overall success...the personal habits, and in the last 30 seconds of the show said, "I think personal strategy is so much more important than business strategy, and it's the reason why most people fail in business and life or end up successful and have lost their family along the way.” Which is an understatement to say the least. But it is exactly why I started doing these Habits shows with guests years ago. It reminds me of how so often in the action adventure movies I watch with my kids, a main character ends up hanging by their fingertips on a ledge at a climactic point. And I always point out as I take my parental teaching moment, “To be able to do that, they must be doing their pull ups, every day!” But that is the point. When you see someone respond in a healthy, strong fashion instead of reacting in an unhealthy fashion, it’s not happenstance, but the result of working out that ability...every day. Being Superman and leaping tall buildings in a single bound comes from taking a few steps every day. You can get the first chapter of Matthew Pollard’s new book, The Introvert’s Edge To Networking, at theintrovertsedge.com/networking Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

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