842: What Most Threatens Your Joy? | with Janie Seltzer

Do you know? I asked The Ziglar Audience and received over 400 comments. Real comments. And they fell into seven categories. To discuss it, Tom Ziglar and I brought in Ziglar’s Spiritual Director, Janie Seltzer. Janie is a very frequent personality on the Ziglar Facebook page which has over 5.5 million followers. Her Facebook lives are extremely popular as she brings true hope and inspiration to everyone. This is a timely show as our current culture is experiencing more fear, anxiety, and uncertainty than possibly ever in most of our lifetimes. I want to give a special call out to you creative minds out there. Those moved by beauty and lyrics and poetry. Janie Seltzer has a new book titled Even If - The Transforming Power of Perfect Love, and it’s far from your normal inspirational book. Take the profound counsel from Zig Ziglar and marry it with art and poetry and you find the messages flowing in from other perspectives of your brain. In this show you’ll hear some tremendous hope and inspiration from Janie, and you can connect with her more and get her book, Even If, at janieseltzer.com Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

by Self-Help(ful)