841: Believe You Have A Message | Jonathan Milligan

“Who are you to think you have something worthy to offer anyone?” This is perhaps the unspoken yet primary enemy of personal development. We want to be of value to people. We want to help them. We want to take some lessons we’ve learned and lift others up. But the biggest hurdle is our own self doubt. We as humans are far more prone to see our faults than our gifts. Which is why I have a tremendous show for you today. I’ve known Jonathan Milligan for many years and witnessed him help a tremendous amount of people discover the message they have to offer and effectively get it into the market. His success in doing so did not go unnoticed and he was courted to write a book. Which he did, it’s called, “Your Message Matters: How to Rise Above the Noise and Get Paid for What You Know. The book starts off with believing you truly have a message, then leads you into defining it and finally to marketing it. Jonathan Milligan is an author, blogger, speaker, and online business coach and has spent the last decade guiding and directing creative professionals on how to pursue meaningful work. Jonathan has a tremendous story of leaving his high school teaching position and finding his way over seven plus years to 2009 when he started his own portable lifestyle business online. Today he teaches others how to build a business with their passion, story, or message. Find Jonathan and this profound book at yourmessagemattersbook.com. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

by Self-Help(ful)