831: Manage Your Energy and Output | Habits with Charles Martin

We are all paid for what we produce, to varying degrees. But with a full time writer it is very tangible and acute. Renowned fiction author Charles Martin was my guest in episode 829 and his livelihood is 100% connected to his thoughts, ideas, and creativity and what he can get from his brain, out his fingers and typed onto a screen. In this Habits episode we walk through how he manages himself, his time and his energy to get the required output from himself. He shares some health issues he’s dealing with that have caused his energy and output to be less, and how he’s managing this to still stay on track with his aggressive writing goals, including getting more of his books on the big movie screens. I think you’ll relate much to the behind the scenes realities of life Charles’ shares. You can find Charle’s books and movie ventures at charlesmartinbooks.com or just search for him wherever you find his books, which I just can’t recommend enough. He has quickly become one of my family's most favored authors. I’m already disappointed at the thought I’ll ultimately read all his books and be left waiting for the next! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

by Self-Help(ful)