829: Hope Wins | Charles Martin

A masterful weaver of provocative stories that will move you. You will experience excitement, anticipation, inspiration and you’ll likely cry. And get angry. He’s had readers send hate mail when his stories took a drastic turn and they didn’t stick to read the redemption. Charles Martin has written 14 fiction books, two non-fiction books and has one turned into a major motion picture, “The Mountain Between Us” and another is in the works for a movie. His story of going from full time insurance agent to full time author is humbling, and inspiring. His insight into life, humanity, and faith is why he is on this show. That and the fact I am a fervent fan of his books! My whole family is now reading through all his books. Incredible stories that will entertain you at the highest level, while also hitting the chords of hope and life like nothing else. If you love fiction, look no further. If you haven’t read fiction in a while, I strongly encourage you to try one of Charles books. This is a very in depth and thoughtful conversation with a man devoted to changing the world one story at a time. Find all his books at charlesmartinbooks.com or type charles martin into amazon and you’ll find them all. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

by Self-Help(ful)