825: Never Be A Victim | Deborah Smith Pegues

“Everything works together for my good; I’m never a victim.” Deborah Smith Pegues had every reason to be a victim but ultimately didn’t see the value in it. She was poor, underprivileged, black, she’d been molested, yet figured out how to get an education and went from southern maid to Fortune 500 V.P. and then on to become an international speaker and award winning author of 17 books including her book, 30 Days to Taming Your Tongue which has sold over one million copies worldwide. But don’t expect some hard charging war horse here, that’s what intrigued me. Deborah was all smiles and laughter as she gave light hearted but profound answers to my inquiries. At one point as I pressed her on the hardships she faced, she just said, “Well what were the options? Let it all take me down, or just go succeed?” It left me feeling silly for minimizing myself or letting any circumstance get me down and handicap me. She has a new book called, “Lead Like A Woman” but I’ll tell you her message spoke to me as much as any I’ve heard in a long time. What we discussed regarding gender and race and opportunity was powerful. As a black person she never tried to be white and as a woman she never tried to be a man. However she recognized how the cards were stacked and simply did what needed to be done. She knew she’d have to work twice as hard to get half the credit, which she again, simply accepted and did it, realizing complaining about it or letting it hold her back gained her nothing, it just diminished her and her opportunity. What she is today is a wildly successful and joyfully fulfilled human and it was a pure delight to hear her wisdom. I think you’ll find the same thing. Find Deborah and all she has to offer at https://www.confrontingissues.com/ and you can find her new book, Lead Like a Woman anywhere you buy books. Advertising Inquiries: https://redcircle.com/brandsPrivacy & Opt-Out: https://redcircle.com/privacy

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