823: Get Your Marching Orders For The Day | Andy Andrews

Andy Andrews cites George Washington Carver saying he was up before birds and would promptly go outside and get his marching orders for the day. Andy prescribes to this as well as he shares some of his most valued routines here in my Habits show. If you didn’t hear episode 819 where I talked with Andy about his new book, Just Jones, please...go listen to it. You’ll hear some of his personal story of both parents dying while he was a child, ending up living under a pier and ultimately being befriended by an older man named, Jones. To come from this lifestyle and seeming lack to being a renowned, best selling author and influencer to influencers requires some healthy habits and routines that differ from the norm. Here in this episode you’ll hear some. But you’ll also hear us go on a tangent of parenting and some counsel Andy gave me years ago that stuck. As a teaser I’ll just ask you this, “Is your goal to raise good kids, or good adults?” It’s a paradigm shift. So if you want a serious and significant dive into core issues of parenting, you’ll find it here. And check this out...I encourage you to again, listen to episode 819 with Andy and me, and if you bless yourself and buy Andy’s new book, “Just Jones” from Amazon or anywhere and send him a receipt or screenshot to andy@andyandrews.com, you’ll gain access to his 4 hour audio program, “Becoming a Noticer.” And we all want to be noticers. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

by Self-Help(ful)