821: Mentored By A Shark & The Business of Family | Mark Timm

How do you get a mentor? What does a good mentor look like? That’s how we kick off this show. I’m with Mark Timm. Mark is a seriously successful businessman who can I just say...has done very well. But he wanted to do better, in business, and as a dad. So he got a mentor. Not just any mentor mind you, but Kevin Harrington, the original shark on the blockbuster Shark Tank TV show. Inventor of the infomercial and if you’ve ever heard, “Wait, there’s more,” that’s from Kevin. The two met through the Ziglar corporation and family and I’ve been blessed to spend time with both guys. They have now written a book together, Mentor To Millions, which you can get at getmtm.com. But what you’ll find in the book, we cover in this show, and it’s literally, a “Wait, there’s more!” episode. As I said, we start off with what everyone wants to hear most, how do you find a mentor? Here is what’s interesting though, Mark talks so much about the mentoring he got and gets from Kevin, even now as they are business partners. And folks, the book is along with everything else, a complete playbook on the business methods of Kevin Harrington. But Mark not only applies the lessons to his businesses, but his family, as a primary focus for Mark, as you’ll hear, is nurturing and growing his family. So everything he learns and applies to business, he applies to his family. He showcases that not only do you not have to sacrifice your family to be successful in your work or business, but you can actually benefit your family by bringing them into your work. It’s really an intriguing message and show. Again, you can get Mentor To Millions which has just come out and already hit the bestsellers list, at getmtm.com. Show them a receipt from buying the book and they are offering 30 days of mentorship, for your business and family! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

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