766: How to stand out and appeal to your target customer

For all of you with a product or service: 1) Who is your specific customer, 2) What problem do you solve for them, and 3) How do you stand out from your competition? I’m sure you’ve heard messages around these topics before. But listen again. There is very little chance you are communicating these things well, as it’s very counterintuitive to how we think as business owners. We think of the benefit there is for people. Fulfilling a desire. I recently attended a business event with Pete Vargas’ Advance Your Reach organization and they pounded on this issue, “Who is your target market and what problem do you solve for them?” We often have products and services we feel can benefit people and we want to lead with a desire; look better, feel better, save time, save money, get a new home or car, and on and on. Yet people are much more led by and prone to respond to problem solving. Tom Ziglar has shared with us a study that 80% of the populace relates more to problem solving than goal setting, yet 95% of our marketing is goal oriented. So what I have for you in this show is a two minute clip from Zig Ziglar on this issue. We’ll listen to that, then I posted this question on Facebook, “For those with a product or service - who is your target customer and what specific problem do you solve for them?” We had a load of responses and Tom and I got through maybe half, and they were wonderful case studies. You’ll gain much from this! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

by Self-Help(ful)