763: Complaining is poisoning our success, with Will Bowen

You want more success and better fruition for your life. What you are about to have revealed is possibly your greatest, most detrimental bad habit. As English is the international business language, complaining is the international language we use in relationships with other humans. In this show I bring you Will Bowen, the founder and purveyor of an initiative called A Complaint Free World. You will hear why his fans include Maya Angelo and Oprah Winfrey and he’s been featured on The Today Show, CBS Sunday Morning, ABC Evening News and much more. 12 million of his purple “Complaint Free World” bracelets have been sent to people in over 106 countries. Your mind will be blown to realize how prevalent this divisive and destructive habit is in our culture, and in your own mouth. Following this revelation we will cover exactly why we and others complain so, so often. It is disheartening, but also convicting and something you can start reversing immediately. Not easily, mind you. But when you understand how your complaining is undermining your life you’ll understand why I now feel it’s quite possibly the number one thing we can address for our overall peace, joy, fulfillment, and life success. Will provides us with a methodology to decrease our complaining with a Complaint Free Challenge. You can engage like I have by going to acomplaintfreeworld.org and find his book, A Complaint Free World, there or wherever you buy books. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

by Self-Help(ful)