761: Success doesn’t happen by accident, Habits with Howard Partridge

We would all agree to that statement, “Success doesn’t happen by accident.” But the reality is, most people subconsciously feel it will either happen to them or not. Our culture today takes less responsibility than ever for the realities of life. Chronic illness and disease is on a radically high growth curve and while we know most of it is a result of poor lifestyle choices, the average person believes it’s genetics and the luck of the draw. But you know better, which is why you are here listening to The Ziglar Show. In this show I bring you again, Howard Partridge, my guest from show 759 where we discussed why we do and don’t implement. Howard came from a poverty stricken family with seven kids and was kicked out at 18. In this show you will hear him tell more of his story and how he simply worked. He worked hard and he worked a lot. Today he’s a self-acclaimed beach bum and while he still works a lot, it’s out of joy in his work and providing great employment for others, as he no longer needs to work for his personal income. You will gain much by this walk through Howard’s story and habits that have helped him attain a lifestyle he adores and the abundance to bless so many people. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

by Self-Help(ful)