757: Living your professional lifestyle

In this show I am appealing to your logic, not your emotion. Your intellect, not your inspiration. Chances are you are living under a false assumption about your vocational role in life. If not false, at least minimized. You see yourself a certain way and thus expect a level of performance from yourself. I am not vying for you to increase the amount of your performance as much as the caliber. And to a great degree, simply the way you hold, conduct and care for yourself. I’m going to play a two minute clip from Zig to help set the perspective. The story has to do with IQ. Following Zig’s message we will not be talking about your IQ, however. But rather your actual role and viable credibility in your job. Your work. And we all have a job. I can’t stress the strength of the case I’m going to make and the relevance it has in your life. I’m going to share some great products and services with you, then play Zig’s quick, 2-minute message, then hit you with a reality of your life you are very likely missing and not rightfully leveraging. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

by Self-Help(ful)