749: Discover your style in these 12 areas that run your life, with Rick McDaniel

Who you are is good to know but how you are is even better. Meaning, if you’ve done a personality profile to help understand who you are, the only relevance is utilizing the information to better guide your behavior and performance, but often the profiles do not help to this level. Today I bring you a guest who has done the research to clarify personal styles in 12 key areas of life. It reveals how you behave with finances, decision making, work, parenting, spiritually, learning, leadership, and more. I think it is profoundly valuable and has me feeling it is paramount to clarify and understand the styles of my wife, kids, business partners, employees...everyone I do life with. Rick McDaniel is my guest in this episode and his message is in a new book titled, You Got Style: How Discovering Your Personal Style Impacts Your Faith, Family, Finances & Much More. Rick is the founder and senior pastor of the Richmond Community Church in Richmond, Virginia, and highimpactchurch.tv. He is a regular contributor for FoxNews.com and is a well known speaker for Fortune 500 companies and faith audiences alike. Rick says, “Discovering your individual style can help you understand why you do certain things, why you react in a particular way to something, and why others act the way they do. These styles involve the most important aspects of our lives, including our relationships, our family, our faith, our finances and our work. As you’ll hear in the show, I went through all 12 categories and listed out my style in each area, and what I felt my wife’s style is. I’m going to have her do the same and compare notes and talk about it. But there are some specific areas where we are different that I’m eager to discuss and figure out how we can better honor each other’s styles instead of being at odds. Then again, same with my kids and those who I work closely with in my businesses and initiatives. You are going to get a ton from this show. You can connect more with Rick at rickmcdaniel.com and you can find his new book, You Got Style, wherever you get books. Advertising Inquiries: https://redcircle.com/brandsPrivacy & Opt-Out: https://redcircle.com/privacy

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