746: Maximizing the engine of you

It’s a New Year and weight loss, exercise, and eating better are the the most searched for New Year’s Resolution topics. This show is about personal development, growth, change, and success, and this special episode is about the engine of you. You are your power source. I don’t mean spiritually, I’m just talking about your physical body which houses your brain and your overall capacity. As you seek to go about your life, you will do so at the mercy and capability of your body. As you look at your health and wellness, who are you going to listen to? What resource or program or so-called "hack" are you going to try? As my friend Angelo Poli of the company Metpro said, and I paraphrase, "Every methodology has worked. Sometimes for some people." So it's a crap shoot at best. Which begs the holy grail question, what should you do to best address your health and wellness needs and goals? In this show I'm going to give you what I claim to be the irrefutable answer. But the caveat is that it's not a final answer, it is a framework. If you wanted to live in a custom home, nobody can just hand you the blueprint. They'd have to know your desires and where you want to build. That said, every home built will have the same aspects of what I'm calling a framework. It will have a foundation and sewage system and electricity and all the necessities of any other house. This is what I will provide for you today, the framework for the house of you to be at its best. The show is about 45 minutes, then at my conclusion, I'm going to give you a Facebook live recording from Tom Ziglar on a physical transformation he experienced in 2019 at the hands of personal trainer Angelo Poli. I interviewed Angelo in episode 683 where we really talked about body metabolism. For disclosure, I became a client and today, after years of plateau, I have put on and have more muscle than ever in my lifetime. Tom as you will hear, wanted to lose weight which he did. In this show I believe you’ll find a comprehensive understanding as to how to address your health and wellness. Advertising Inquiries: https://redcircle.com/brandsPrivacy & Opt-Out: https://redcircle.com/privacy

by Self-Help(ful)