722: Why you want to market to qualified people

Do you have a product or service? Are you good at selling it? Between those two things is marketing. Getting interested parties in front of you. Key in on “interested”. Most of today’s marketing casts a very broad blanket out into the digital world and hopes to find the right people. Zig Ziglar referred to that as pursuing “suspects”. He was fond of “prospecting”, where you pursue people you know are interested in what you have to offer, based on three measurements or as Tom Ziglar says, “qualified” people. In this show we listen to a four minute message from Zig on prospecting, then I asked this question, “What type of marketing works best for your business?” (and what is your business?) Tons of responses. Tom Ziglar and I talked through a bunch of them to bring you a great crash course in what you can be doing to appropriately prospect and have more or the RIGHT people to sell to. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

by Self-Help(ful)