719: You can choose to win - with Tom Ziglar

Is it really a choice? Can you really believe that? The reality is, if you are going to win, it will take a whole of of choices. The right choices. So which choices are the right ones? That’s what this show is about. For 53 years Tom Ziglar has been privy to a constant influx of the absolute best in personal development, self help and best business practices. He’s been CEO of Ziglar for 24 years. He’s a featured speaker around the globe. And now he brings us the first Ziglar book in over a decade and it’s the culmination and simplification of all he’s been exposed to, learned and added to in a truly revolutionary way to walk out your personal success. In this show we talk through the core ingredients of Tom’s Choose To Win methodology and expound on these ingredients: We do have a choice, the absolute necessity of having a why, but we get into an interesting discussion about the why not necessarily having to be big, but it must be strong and intense. We discuss desire, hope (the right kind), grit and then...how. Goals. But how goals only resonates with approximately 20% of the populace so if you aren’t thrilled by goals, you’ll want to hear this. Then we discuss the big kahuna of it all, our daily habits. And which one is most paramount? Tom will tell you. We finish by getting into his next book, already titled and in the works. This is a foundational show. You can find Tom’s book, Choose To Win, at Ziglar.com or wherever you get books. Advertising Inquiries: https://redcircle.com/brandsPrivacy & Opt-Out: https://redcircle.com/privacy

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