706: 10 Commandments of Human Relations by Zig Ziglar

What is more valuable than having human relations skills? Maybe...nothing. The quality of your relationships, the quantity of your relationships, and the joy in your relationships is equal to your human relations abilities. Along the way, we all learn some basics and out of Zig Ziglar’s 10 Commandments of Human Relations, you are probably doing some of them well, and benefiting from them. But where are you not doing well, and suffering? Or at least not benefiting where you could. We play a four minute clip from Zig Ziglar where he quickly takes us down his list. Judging that Zig is held up as one of the very top, most successful communicators of all time, the list feels fairly irrefutable. I asked the Ziglar audience, which of Zig’s 10 commandments do you most succeed with and which ones do you most struggle with? Tom Ziglar joined me to talk through your comments. I’ll tell you this right off, the area people are weakest in, nearly 50%, said they failed at remembering and calling people by their names! Zig’s rule number three. But listen on and you will want to hear the rest. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

by Self-Help(ful)