696: Live coaching session on fear and "doing it scared" - with Ruth Soukup

“No fear!” Said the psychopath. The rest of us are human and have fear. The question is, do we recognize it so we can “Do It Scared” as Ruth Soukup’s book is titled? Our main show with Ruth is #691 and was flat out profound. From it I did more than just ask a question, I asked people this, “Will you do this quick fear assessment and report what you find doitscared.com/assessment.” Well...you guys did. Over 30k people have taken Ruth’s fear assessment. We added 50 more. People took the assessment and commented on Facebook about their results. What a conversation! I’m here to say it’s the most valuable and eye-opening assessment or profile I’ve taken in...as long as I can remember. We categorized all the results and I asked Ruth to come back and read through everyone’s comments with me. The big value, the takeaway, is understanding where you have fear and where it’s manifesting in your life. Overall we found people saying the assessment nailed them, and how they are working to deal with their fear. But the discussion with Ruth added dramatic insight into how we are all unique and even amidst the categories of fear Ruth outlines, we can still be very different people. Again, the point is understanding your fear propensity and learning how to...do it scared. And achieve what you desire in the face of it, maybe until you don’t even recognize it anymore! So, get ready for a free, master coaching session with Ruth, on fear.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

by Self-Help(ful)