688: What diet and exercise program will actually work for you?

The age old pursuit of wellness. Of losing weight, gaining muscle, being fit and trim, having energy and not having aches and pains. We have more knowledge on the issue than ever, but America and many other countries are getting fatter and sicker. “Eating less and exercising more” are no longer getting the expected results. If you feel you are doing so many of the supposed “right” things and not getting good results, you are not alone and there is more at work. The topic comes on the heels of our talk with internationally recognized fitness and nutrition expert, Angelo Poli. Angelos is founder of MetPro, the world’s first algorithm based transformation engine. Catch episode 683 with Angelo, titled, “Winning the war over your body.” This is our Q&A show and I asked the Ziglar audience a question on my Facebook page. I invite you to join us, just find and friend me at agentkmiller. The question I asked for this episode was, "Who has gotten results with a diet and/or exercise program? Who has gotten frustrated by one??" I then had the expert himself, Angelo Poli, join me to talk through your many comments. I’m confident you will resonate with many of the comments of failure and success here, but mostly you will get further schooled in how you can finally get results, from Angelo. Ziglar Show listeners can receive their own, complementary Metabolic Evaluation and a 30-minute one on one consultation with a Metabolic Expert by going to  metpro.co/ziglar and click “Get Started.” Metpro will review your answers, respond to any questions you may have, and discuss ways MetPro can support your weight loss and performance goals. To claim this offer just go to metpro.co/ziglar. And for disclosure, yes, I’m a client with them! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

by Self-Help(ful)