685: Consistency beats out intensity for fitness - habits with Angelo Poli

What are the healthy life habits of an internationally recognized expert in fitness and nutrition? Interestingly, they do not include marathon workout sessions, he actually tells us about micro workouts and how consistency is better than intensity. Our muse today is Angelo Poli, our guest from show 683. Angelo is the Founder of MetPro, the world’s first algorithm based transformation engine. Using a process called Metabolic Profiling, MetPro analyzes your metabolism and provides an individualized approach to obtaining your health goals. If you hear that show, you’ll hear I’m a current client with them! In this show we get a behind the scenes look at Angelo’s daily habits for success. He shares his family resembles the old TV show, "Everybody Loves Raymond and lots of laughter is always on the menu. His favorite mental exercise is, get this...gardening with jazz. Literally. Of course he works out every day and just as his Metpro coaching platform prescribes, his key to nutritional health is being intentional and prepping his food. Don’t miss his offer, Ziglar Show listeners can receive their own, complimentary Metabolic Evaluation and a 30-minute one on one consultation with a Metabolic Expert by going to  metpro.co/ziglar. Metpro will review your answers, respond to any questions you may have, and discuss ways MetPro can support your weight loss and performance goals. To claim this offer just go to metpro.co/ziglar. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

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