680: Can you become someone different? Should you? - Q&A with Rock Thomas

Do you honestly believe you can change how your see yourself, and from that actually BE someone different, to a degree? Should you? I think this gets to the root of personal development and self-help. What does that even mean? No matter what I do, I’ll still wake up the next day as me, right? But will I act and do and behave and perform the same? If I increase or decrease my abilities, do I become someone different? In truth, yes, as it alters how others and I, experience myself. It’s the difference of how others will label me and ultimately I’ll label myself. Am I smart or dumb? Well it depends on the topic and what I’ve pursued education in. Am I strong or weak? I have the ability to alter that. Am I patient and tolerant or a jerk? If I become more patient, do I become someone else? You’ve probably seen a movie or experience in real life, someone who everyone knew and doesn’t see for a decade. And when you see them next, they look totally different. They hold themselves differently. They are different inside and out. Their DNA is the same, their name may be the same, they may have some of the same characteristics and mannerisms, but goodness, they are different. To a great degree, they really became someone different. In show 675 I had a significant conversation with Rock Thomas who has the Goalcast video with over 100 million views, titled, “How to change the way you see yourself.” In that show, you’ll hear that if you change the way you see yourself, you truly do become a different person on many levels. So from this I wanted to, of course, hear from you, the Ziglar listeners. I asked this question on Facebook, “Do you honestly believe you can change how your see yourself, and from that actually BE someone different, to a degree?” And wow, I opened the floodgates. You’ll hear some harsh realities that people have overcome, from pondering suicide to loving life. I had Rock join me to talk through the  submissions and it was flat out profound and inspiring. We could make our own Goalcast video out of the content. Get ready for a ride. Get Rock’s book, “The Power of Your Identity”, free, and take the Life Assessment at rockthomas.com/ Advertising Inquiries: https://redcircle.com/brandsPrivacy & Opt-Out: https://redcircle.com/privacy

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