675: Rock Thomas | How to really change the way you see yourself

Can you really change the way you see yourself. In all truth, we spent much of this show expounding on how very hard it is, which is why very few people ever do it. Can you? My guest is Rock Thomas. He has a Goalcast video titled “How to Change the Way You See Yourself” that has over 100 million views. Yes, 100 million. He has a hard story. A hard upbringing. It’s not a perfect and pretty story. But from it he has truly done the Phoenix, rising from the ashes to glory. Why do you care? Of course the point is to showcase that if he can do it, so can you. Though there is a rub. If your story is not that hard, not that tragic...and more so if you were fairly privileged like I was, you’re arguably at a deficit. There’s a chance you’ll never want something bad enough to do what it takes. Which is...just the basic ingredients of success, no secrets or formulas; hard work, perseverance, faith, resilience. This is the stuff Rock has devoted himself to helping you with, however. He wrote the book, “The Power of Your Identity” which you can get at his website, rockthomas.com. It goes deep into the power of what we believe about ourselves. We talk specifically about belief in this show. We generally believe things about ourselves because we have stark evidence! But the question then is...is that it? End of story? Or can we begin to believe knew things about ourselves, do knew things, and achieve a different reality? Of great interest to me, Rock states that changing your identity and reality just takes living 4% outside your comfort zone. I bet you haven’t heard that before. We tend to think we have to do a 180 and live radically different. A core perspective Rock shares is this, “The words that follow “I am”, will follow you.” They become your reality. Think about it, what do you say after, “I am?” This is a significant show, get ready for a ride. Get Rock’s book, “The Power of Your Identity”, free, and take the Life Assessment at rockthomas.com/ Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

by Self-Help(ful)