667: Michael Hyatt - Achieve More (of what you want) by Doing Less (of what you really don't have to do)

You are overwhelmed. You have too much to do. So I have a question for you - if you could wave a magic wand, would you rather get more done or have less to do? Productivity messages generally focus on getting efficient to get more done. But the greats of our present day and history don’t...do more. They figure out ways to spend more time doing what only they can do. Their art, in essence. Michael Hyatt joins us on The Ziglar Show for the third time, our first guest to do so. His new book is titled, “Free To Focus” - Achieve More By Doing Less. Want the punch line? The primary problem for most of us is we take on too much and don’t eliminate, automate or delegate enough. We spend time doing tasks that relegate us to a low paid, hourly worker. Why? Michael steps on my own toes by stating it’s often because we think it takes longer to explain it to someone else than to just do it myself, and I don’t think someone else can do it as well. Both may be true, but if I accept that, I’m quickly plateaued in what I can do. And there I sit. Forever under maximized. Friend, this is a convicting and compelling message. From it you will do one of two things: cut down on the things YOU don’t have to do. Again, they may need to get done, but do YOU have to do them. And then spend more time on the important things that you do best. Or you will decide to change nothing, and anchor your progress to where you are now. And since I know you won’t do the latter, then there is nothing more important than listening to and digesting this message! If you don’t know Michael...he’s one of the most influential voices in business. He’s a bestselling author, one of the most successful bloggers...ever. And in truth is a primary leader of...leaders. It’s unreal how many of the people we interview on the show look to Michael for mentorship. Go find out more and check out the new book, “Free To Focus” at michaelhyatt.com Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

by Self-Help(ful)