664: How are you coping with emotional strife? - Q&A with Miles Adcox

You are not emotionally perfect. Neither am I. You have had some level of emotional strife in your life. Me too. So how are you coping with it? That is the question I posted on Facebook. I asked, “What in your life has most affected your emotional health, and how are you coping today?”Trauma, abuse, codependency, addiction, stress, burnout, childhood wounds, shame, family dysfunction, negative labels, other?The responses came in immediately and right off the bat hit issues such as Divorce, angry households, negativity, childhood trauma, birth defects, death of loved ones, domestic violence, addiction, codependency, bullying. But what you want to hear is...how ARE people coping? How are they healing and overcoming and finding success anyway. The topic came from my conversation with Emotional Fitness guru Miles Adcox, our muse in show 659. I’ll admit I am not equipped to address most of these issues and it was a pure gift to have Miles field them with his humility and experienced insight.  Advertising Inquiries: https://redcircle.com/brandsPrivacy & Opt-Out: https://redcircle.com/privacy

by Self-Help(ful)