655: Alan Stein, high performance secrets from renowned pro basketball performance coach

What is your key to success? Well first, there isn’t one, there will be a bunch of keys. The best way to find them? Discover the keys that successful people use in their lives! Which I bet is a main reason you listen to The Ziglar Show. But we can’t listen to any one person’s success keys and adopt them for our lives. We are unique and will need a unique batch of keys to unlock our own potential. SO...the tagline for this show is “Inspiring Your True Performance”. I received a book titled “Raise Your Game - High performance secrets from the best of the best.” I was intrigued initially, then much more when I began reviewing the book. Alan Stein, Jr. is the author and our guest today. Here’s what I think is of such great value though. Alan didn’t just survey successful people, he worked directly alongside them. Long term and intimately. Specifically, NBA superstars. Alan is a world-renowned performance coach who spent most of his career working with pro basketball players. Now he’s a sought after speaker, podcast host and author. But before you get visions of his guidance being how to high jump and dribble, the first chapter of his book, the anchor in my opinion, is based on my current, favorite word: AWARE. Chapter one in his book is Self-Awareness. Do you get that? The testimony is that the first key ingredient they are looking for in a world-dominating basketball player is not height, reach, endurance, physical strength or even mental grit. It’s self-awareness. In my years of working as a professional in the personal development industry, after 362 Ziglar Show episodes and over 100 interviews with highly successful and influential people, I wholly agree. Chapter two of the book? Passion. Like self-awareness, passion is something anyone can have folks, that’s available to all of us! So you can see why I’m excited about this message!You can get the book and connect with Alan at raiseyourgamebook.com/ or wherever you buy books. Though at his site you can get a free preview right away. You’ll see a rave review from bestselling author Daniel Pink, our guest in show #575 Advertising Inquiries: https://redcircle.com/brandsPrivacy & Opt-Out: https://redcircle.com/privacy

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