654: Choose your own label

Got labels? In this show, we’re going to talk about labels. The ones we want and don’t want. There are labels, positive and negative, we are given. That we often believe. There are many leaders who say “Deny any negative labels, reject them!” However, we sometimes get labels that we know...have some truth to them. And we just accept them. Even...when we change. Then what about the labels we want? Can we not become those? I have a message about this from...Zig Ziglar. He tells what is actually a fairly disheartening story of testimonies of how negative labels dramatically affected people’s live, of course, primarily for the worse. As you know, he doesn’t often spend time communicating anything negative. But to drive home his point, he did in this clip. But as always, he uses it to empower us. From the clip I posted this message to the Ziglar audience: QUESTION: 1. What negative label (from others or yourself) do you strive to reject? 2. What positive label do you strive to be? I asked Michelle Prince to join me to talk through your comments, we got through as many as we could. This is a very tangible and often sore issue in our lives, but getting it out on the table to deal with is really, really significant. We ultimately got far more comments about the positive labels people are striving for, embracing and becoming. Very inspiring discussion. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

by Self-Help(ful)