623: John Ruhlin, The gifts for success

Let’s talk about gifts. Nope, not your giftings as in talents and abilities, but literal...gifts. But the point is building relationships and standing out. It’s building social capital. It’s loving and caring for other people. John Ruhlin is our guest and he’s on the show because...he wowed me, as he has a sea of other people. Truly. He gifted me beyond the point of just feeling reciprocity, but I felt known and cared for. From it we’ve developed a friendship and will do more business, and hopefully life, together. I mean, hey...here I am telling the world about him! I brought him on folks, because I truly wanted you to hear his message, so you could increase your success as a result. His personal story of how he came to be the most known gift giver and business producer for some of the biggest names in business, like Jeffrey Gitomer, Keith Ferrazzi, Raymond James, Keller Williams, the Chicago Cubs and even Caesars Palace, and more, is tremendous.  The point is to help you stand out, grow your relationships and increase business in one of the  most fun and profitable ways ever...wowing people with giving. When I asked John what he most wanted to impart to the Ziglar audience, he said, “I want to inspire people to be radically generous with all their relationships. I want business leaders to be aware that if their clients are not actively sending them referrals, they have a loyalty problem.”  And folks, let me tell you, he does...just that. He’s got a great, free gift for you in a document…”The 10 Worst Gifts to avoid giving key clients” at www.thegiversedge.com. And you can connect with all John has to offer at johnruhlin.com/ Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

by Self-Help(ful)